Competition - what it means to me

Competition feeds my soul. It fuels my decisions in the gym. It keeps me humble. It keeps me honest and full of integrity upholding only my OWN standards.

Competition is NOT my whole life, it doesn’t dictate my decisions when it comes to my family. It doesn’t DEFINE me. I am no different if I compete at the highest level or if I don’t because, let’s face it, I’m always competing with myself.

I am putting this out there because then it’s real. I have made the VERY hard decision not to go to Nationals this year in Columbus, OH. Competing is my heart and I am still trying to come to terms with this. As much as I wish these choices wouldn’t have to be made, it’s life We have to give up things we love because it’s not realistic. My heart says “find a way,” “make it happen, you EARNED that shit.” However, competing is EXPENSIVE. I am a self-employed working mom. SACRIFICE is hard, especially when you’ve put in the work and climbed your way to the top. I don’t ask for sympathy, but rather, sharing my experience and wanting to know from you: